Advertising & Marketing

Sample Artfire shop banner.

Add some sparkle to your Artfire, Zibbet, or Etsy shop banner and avatar with my premade shop sets.

Southwest Etsy Shop Banner Set

Etsy shop sets and banners add interest, professionalism, and fun to your Etsy shop.

Online Shop Owners

Distinguish your Facebook, Etsy, Zibbet, or Artfire shop and its products and catch the eye of potential customers, with your own coordinated shop set that includes a banner, avatar, business card design, and product or packaging labels.

To purchase my premade banners, avatars, and shop sets visit my Etsy shop.

Advertising campaign materials.

Advertising campaign for ALS Charity Ride, included Web site, magazine ads, business cards, ride maps, press releases, and copy writing for site.

Create a cohesive brand for your business that includes your company logo, stationary, business cards, brochures, fliers, menus, postcard mailers, labels, and Web site.

Business Owners

Potential clients look for visual clues to determine if they can trust your business to meet their needs. Provide them with a professional brand that carries across all your customer-facing imagery and inspire their confidence.

Web site and mailing campaign post cards.

Campaign included Web site, product and model photography, and a series of postcards used in mailing campaigns.

Charitable Organizations

Raising money for your organization is a lot easier when you’re taken seriously.  Disorganized Web sites, poorly written press releases, and amateurish advertisements can cause potential volunteers and donors to wonder if they’ll be throwing away their time and money.  Gain credibility by providing a materials that capture your message, and are organized and easy to understand.

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