About Vanilla Pines

I have over 16 years interactive Web design experience. Five of those years I worked full-time as a Web designer and workshop trainer for The Boeing Company; and 10 years with a mid-cap wireless telecommunications company, where I initially designed and built marketing-based Web sites, before advancing to director of design and development of teams delivering business and network-management Web applications for use by large telecomm carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Telefonica.

In 2011, I opened Vanilla Pines Web design studio, where I apply my years of training and practical experience in Web site design, user-interface architecture, usability, search engine optimization, and photographic enhancement to create small-business brochure and content-management Web sites that attract the attention of customers and clients.  I’ve also worked as a photographer and manipulated images both in the darkroom and with Photoshop for twenty-six years.  I know how to bring out the best in a photo.

Most importantly, I am supportive of and interested in my clients’ goals and objectives; I want my clients to be successful and extend myself to make every word and photo in their Web sites work for them.  I’m also patient and take the time needed  to explain concepts my clients may find confusing (such as the differences between managing their domain and purchasing a hosting plan), and all the reasons why extra care needs to be taken with their site’s content so that it works to attract clients and search engines; and is  usable on computers as well as hand-held devices.

If you’re considering setting up your own Web site or improving the results of your existing site, and you need a Web designer to partner with, please consider contacting me.

One last note: clients sometimes ask me what inspired the “Vanilla” in Vanilla Pines? During the hot summer months, the bark on our ponderosa pines give off the faint scent of vanilla. I named my business after something lovely that inspires me.


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